Classic Customs, Corp. was founded in 1976 by reputed customs broker Mr. John Perroncino. By servicing all kinds of Importers, Importing products from all over the world to the United States, John Perroncino was popular among most Importers, Shipping Lines, Air Lines and US Customs as an efficient manager who had one of the best operations in New York JFK. Importers from all over the United States would seek the services of Classic Customs, advice and guidance from Mr. Perroncino which included, customs clearance, warehousing and timely deliveries. Over the past 30 years, Classic Freight group has retained many of the well known importers and continue to expand their services within and across the borders of the United States. The company specialized in Wearing Apparel and timely customs clearance offers all Customs related services, including Customs Bonds, Clearance, Warehousing and Distributions.


Classic Logistics, a FMC Licensed Freight Forwarder and Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) offers complete Logistics solutions. We provide solutions for predominantly middle market multi-national enterprises in textile and wearing apparel, toys, high tech, and other manufacturing and retail industries. As a result of the management team's extensive experience in transportation logistics in the emerging markets, its well established relationships with shipping lines as well as the backing of a global representative agency network gives our customers cost effective timely solutions.


Classic offers complete Logistics solutions including shipping by Air, combination operations such as Air-Sea, Sea-Air and Truck-Air. 

Warehouse And Distribution 

Classic Logistics provide warehousing services to effectively decrease your supply chain cost.  Our established network and our supply chain team will work with you to gain greater space and pricing flexibility.     


If you require pick up from your door or delivery to your door at final destination, we can handle it. Our rates are market competitive and we pride ourselves on great customer service.